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i can’t believe one of the founding fathers of america came back to life to write the opening theme song to persona 4 the golden animation


Why Kirby gotta be so cute. You know he can’t see shit outta that mask


this is a real thing that happened in this movie praise


More clear screenshots of DRAE gameplay



hello tumblr users, trash speaking! in august, i start work/school again, and by december i’ll have a TON of cash. and i recently changed my url so.
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okay so you can win everything up there, but here’s a list anyways.

  • either a new special edition animal crossing 3ds or a new 2ds
  • Animal crossing: wild world, city folk, and new leaf!!
  • Pokemon X+Y, Black/White, and Black/White 2, ORAS
  • Any three goodsmile nendoroids of your choice!!
  • three hoodies or jackets, of any kind. (total under $130/ 95 euros)
  • three wigs from any website. can come in any color or style!!
  • four albums of your choice!! (google play, itunes, or in case/record)
  • Two games, for any platform!(xbox,xbox 360, playstation 2-4)
  • 3 plushes! (Turret, Sylveon, and Bocconcino)

If you don’t want any specific item, it can be exchanged for another item similar!!

rules are

  • gender/race/sex/religious stance does not matter
  • i’ll ship anywhere
  • you MUST be following me
  • likes/reblogs count
  • Ends December 5th
  • Good luck! try not to spam your followers.


Super Smash Bros.-Lucina and Robin(Avatar) Reveal


Oh man I have always loved that Dojima is in the kitchen when you do this

Our running joke is that he just… slowly… lowers his newspaper

and stares

and says, “…boy, did my sister drop you on your HEAD when you were born”

and Souji is like coughing and streaming tears and clutching the side of the fridge, all, “Actually i-it was kind of good? I think I might — “



attention shoppers, will the owner of the blue monster truck parked outside please report to the front. that thing is fucking sick and the manager wants to shake your hand


We now have more images from John Lenoso which show various forms of Pikachu which appear to be related to the contests. Madam Pikachu & Hard Rock Pikachu on the first image, and Idol Pikachu, Doctor Pikachu and Masked Pikachu on the second. It also confirms that Pokémon Amie returns.

Source: Serebii